• Restore your health

    Salus Defense Structured Silver can kill bad bacteria, yeast and toxins

    over time compromise your digestive tract, immune system

    and slow down metabolism. 

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  • Scientifically Supported

    Salus Defense Structured Silver is scientifically supported

    by laboratory reports and research studies

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  • Extremely Safe

    Salus Defense Structured Silver is extremely safe for everyone and is non toxic

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  • Fast Acting

    Salus Defense Structured Silver is

    fast acting and effective in just minutes

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Brand Ambassadors

  • As a professional athlete my body and mind are pushed to the outer limits every day. I noticed a natural energy and wellness throughout my body taking Salus Structured Silver.


  • I have personally experienced silver success using nature’s antibiotic. Every day you are exposed to the germs that cause most if not all forms of sickness. 

    AL B. SURE

  • I had been struggling with a reccuring auto immune disease that would turn my skin on my body red and itchy when I ate certain foods. 


  • As a top fighter I depend on Salus Structured Silver to keep my core clean, strong and healthy! This is a product every fighter should try.