Weight Management

Here are some common questions and answers to your health and wellness in regards to our Salus Products

What Is The Problem?

Weight management is at epidemic rates in the United States with over 68% unable to control a natural body weight. A number of factors have contributed to this including our diets, the explosive growth of processed foods, the modern lifestyle which can promote a heavy work schedule with limited sleep, even excessive antibiotic use can stimulate your appetite and promote weight gain.

While all of this may sounds shocking it probably is not too surprising either. That is because statistics reveal people realize they have weight issues, with a whopping 75% of Americans making some sort of weight or diet based New Years Resolution each and every year. That’s right, 75% of people out there recognize they have a weight issue, yet 2/3 of those same people quit their Resolution within the first 30 days. Losing weight doesn’t just come down to lifestyle and eating habits, there are scientific reasons as well. An abundance of sugar, bread and carb heavy diets have created an alarming amount of yeast and unwanted bacteria into the body and especially the gut. In order to fight off the invasive yeast and bacteria your body builds up fatty, protective layers around these harmful cells, making them contribute to weight gain as they are harder for your body to rid them naturally.

The Salus Defense Better Health Solution

The collection of products in the Salus Defense line of health solutions can work in numerous ways to help alleviate these problem causing and weight gaining bacteria and yeast cells. Our Salus Defense Structured Silver can directly attack these cells that live in your gut and digestive system. That bloated and swollen belly feeling that so many people suffer from can be alleviated by treating these gut issues. Additionally, the Salus Defense Antioxidant Blast contains vital plant-based antioxidants that help reduce free radicals, allergens, swelling, and inflammation inside the cells, including those problem causing fat cells that are so hard to lose naturally. Flavonoids from super fruits and vegetables found in the Antioxidant Blast, combined with both our Salus Defense Mega Flora Probiotic and our Structured Silver help reduce inflammation and fat, restore intestinal function, re-establish normal appetite and reprogram DNA , effectively regenerating the power of permanent weight loss.