Gut Health

Here are some common questions and answers to your health and wellness in regards to our Salus Products

What Is The Problem?

One of the most popular movements in the health and wellness field has been the rise in recognition for the importance of proper gut health. This is certainly no new phenomenon as the famous Greek physician Hippocrates once said thousands of years ago “All diseases begin in the gut”. The gut, and your entire gastrointestinal system, is the first line of defense for virtually everything you put into your body. In fact, over 90% of the bacteria found in your body – both the good and bad kind – reside in your gut. The problem that is so prevalent today is that numerous contributing factors have led millions of Americans to having improper and poor gut health.

Years of antibiotics have had destructive effects on our bodies and especially our gut. Antibiotics are powerful forms of virus and pathogen killing cells. The problem is that while they rid the body of bad bacteria, they also kill off the good, beneficial bacteria as well. These are the type of important bacteria that your gut needs in order to keep vital parts like your immune system running properly. Poor gut health also leads to numerous ailments such as skin conditions, leaky gut syndrome, kidney disease, chronic fatigue, and dozens more!

The Salus Defense Better Health Solution

The Salus Defense mission is to provide products that promote total body health, with a major emphasis on your gut. Our Salus Defense Structured Silver is aimed at directly promoting gut health by restoring your guts balance of good and bad bacteria. Silver has been used as an effective way to kill bacteria for centuries, however our unique Structured Silver bonds the silver molecules to the pH balanced alkalized water so only the bad bacteria are affected, leaving the good bacteria to remain in the gut. Using our Structured Silver in conjunction with our Salus Defense Mega Flora Probiotic is the very best way to promote COMPLETE gut health through promoting the good bacteria (probiotics) and killing off the bad bacteria (silver). Inflammation is a common reaction when dangerous pathogens are present in your body and with our Advanced Science Turmeric and Antioxidant Blast, your gut and gastrointestinal system can be alleviated from the painful and debilitating inflammation. The Salus Defense family of products truly does promote complete and total gut health.