President’s Message

My vision of Salus Defense came to me while my wife and I were expecting our first child. Being new parents and bringing a new life into this world was both exciting and frightening. Our first instinct as parents was to search for various safety and wellness products to ensure our child was safe and happy. I don’t think this ever stops! We quickly realized shopping online was extremely time consuming and we could not find a destination that offered what we were looking for.

This sparked the idea to create the most amazing online destination where consumers from around the world could visit our online marketplace and purchase products to ensure better peace of mind. The ultimate in educating people on safety and awareness while enhancing their lifestyles. Salus is about being prepared…not scared!

Salus Defense aspires to become the leading brand in safety and wellness online. We provide the highest quality products with top-notch customer service and support. Salus helps individuals and families prepare for natural catastrophes and sudden life-altering events.

Welcome to Salus Defense.

Craig Engelsman
Salus Defense Inc.

Craig Engelsman

We regard preparation as an essential part of keeping lives healthy and safe.

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