President’s Message

My vision of Salus Defense came to me after years of business travel and meeting amazing people from all walks of life all over the world. It was obvious people are getting sick at alarming rates all over the world and prescription medicine’s are out of control and draining peoples banks. I wanted to make a change and offer natural alternatives to heal and help people today and generations to come.

This sparked the idea to create the most amazing online destination where consumers from around the world could visit our online marketplace and access the very best wellness products that work. The ultimate in educating people on specific ailments to heal and enhance their lifestyles.

Salus Defense aspires to become the leading brand in science backed natural wellness products. We provide the highest quality products with top-notch customer service and support. Salus Defense helps heal and restore your health for the best possible quality of life!

Welcome to Salus Defense

Craig Engelsman
Salus Defense Inc.

Craig Engelsman

We regard preparation as an essential part of keeping lives healthy and safe.

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